Thursday, January 24, 2013

Callin' in The Fuzz!

"Vindi, the police are here right now because...

- Some lady just jumped over the counter at me because I wouldn't give her the extra pictures that she refused to pay for.

- A dude just robbed me at gunpoint for the $50 I had in the cash register.

- This crazy guy called 911 because I wouldn't give him a refund on a non-refundable product.

- Loss Prevention couldn't get this lady out of the store and she is refusing to leave until I apologize for 'looking at her funny.'

- Someone just shot out all the glass in the windows of our store front.

- This mentally challenged guy got lost while his group home was on an outing and he started putting movies into his backpack and when I told him he had to put them back he pissed himself and just sat on the floor.

- These two customers got into a fight because one was drunk and the other didn't speak English and the drunk guy got mad about that so he punched him.

- Someone drove through the side of our video store in the middle of the night and drove off.

- They seem to think that I stole some watches, but they must be mistaken, so I thought I'd call you and let you know that my store isn't going to be covered for the next few hours.  (She totally did it!)

- This lady says that I stole her $2,000 necklace that no one saw her wearing--in the middle of downtown Oakland... *sigh*

- There is a guy who keeps barking at me and Loss Prevention wouldn't do anything about it, so I had to call the cops.

- Someone tasered a shoplifter in front of me and they have questions.

- This really ugly guy exposed himself to me in the camera room and ran away.

- There was a standoff in the middle of the street right in front of the store between the cops and this crazy couple that stole a car.

- I accidentally got locked in the store after-hours and set the alarms off and now the store is surrounded and they have guns drawn because they think I broke in.

- Someone blew up our movie return box.

- A customer came in and printed out a bunch of her own pictures when I went on my lunch break.

- A customer told me she needed to breastfeed the baby in private and I left the room and before I could go back in she said that she needed to get a diaper from the car.  She never came back and I looked in the room and she stole our camera.

There are soooo many more, but these were the most entertaining that I can remember for now :D

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