Thursday, January 10, 2013

Worst Tag Line Ever

Okay, so this one isn't so much a retail story as it is a story of me working in our family business as a kid. 

When I was a kid my family ran a small animal business where we sold animals for pets, meat and show.  We had pretty much every kind of small animal you could think of: rats, mice, chinchillas--you name it, we probably had it.  But far and away our main thing was rabbits.  At the peak of our business we had over 150 rabbits.

I was a card carrying member of ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association), I won the Rabbit Bowl at the State Fair (with my awesomely nerdy team, Larger than Life Lagomorphs), I had my very own professional tattoo kit and I spent my weekends shoveling various kinds of poo out of cages and barns.  I was a hardcore 4-Her and FFAer.  Basically I was all about the small animal business from ages 8 to 18.

One day (I think I was like twelve) after finishing some sales at the local feed store, I was cleaning out the rabbit barn and was all excited about making what I thought was a huge sale.  I had been chatting it up with my mom and my brother and I was goofing around making ridiculous movie poster-type statements about how awesome I had been.  I was bragging about being a good salesperson, bragging about knowing so much about rabbits and bragging about being so great at cleaning out the nooks and crannies of the barn.  It was stupid and much to my dismay, the following came out of my mouth:

"When there are rabbits to sell--I'll be there.  When there are people who need to know about rabbits--I'll be there.  When there's poop in a crack that you can't clean out--I'll be there!" 

Yeah, they had a field day with that one.  I still hear about it to this day.  Good times.

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