Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Quit!

I have seen some dramatic quitting moments in my time.  And of course almost all of them happen in front of mass amounts of customers.  Here are just a few:

"No, fuck you!  He can NOT look at me like that!  Yeah, bitch, look at me again you bald-ass mothafucka!  And she sure as hell can't talk to me like that!  My boyfriend is gonna come in here and kick your ass and your ass AND your ass!  Fuck all of you!  I quit!... " *returning five minutes later*  "You know, I spoke a bit out of turn there and while I feel that I have some differences with my co-workers, I really feel that I have a lot to offer to the company.  Could I transfer to another store?"   "Nope"  "I see... Is there some company policy against that?"  "Dude, you just made a huge scene in front of a lot of people.  There is really no coming back from that.  You quit and I accept your resignation."  "I see... Can I use your phone to call my boyfriend?"

"Fine, I didn't want to be the assistant manager anyway.  I'm just going to go ahead and turn in my name tag."  Then she goes in the bathroom and smears crap all over the walls and on her way out the door of the video store she pushes down a bookshelf of movies in the middle of the store creating a domino effect that levels half of the shelves in the store.

"Okay, Matt.  We know that you removed the cash and product from the store without authorization.  We have you on camera."   "Listen, I know in my heart that I didn't steal anything and I am appalled that you would even accuse me of that.  I just can't work for a company that would spread just lies.  I quit."

"You have changed since becoming the manager.  We never hang out anymore and you are always telling me what to do.  You have sucked all of the fun out of this work place.  So I'm leaving and I'm not coming back.  Don't try to stop me.  I mean it."

"There is no way in hell that I am working for you.  You are going to let all of the power go to your head and I am finding another job."  So instead of giving me a chance, she leaves her job that was paying her $22.00 an hour for a retail job in the middle of a recession, gets another job at a place that said they would pay her more but didn't and then got fired from the new job because of her shitty attitude.  Then a year later she asks to work for the company again. Ha. Nope.

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