Monday, April 9, 2012


So this blog is just about crazy shit that I see on practically a daily basis. I called it "So, Yeah, That Just Happened" because that is a phrase that I find myself saying whenever one of these great things occur.  Some of these stories are funny, some are fucked up and some are just really mundane unless you, like so many others, have lived through the fun and exciting world of retail or customer service.

I have worked several jobs in my lifetime and there have been crazy people at every last one of them.  I started working with our family business when I was about ten and officially joined the workforce when I was fifteen and I haven't stopped at all since then.  I've done everything from scooping poop to fast food to selling movies to taking professional portraits.  It's been an adventure and there is just too much to not share.
I am trying to keep the identities of my characters relatively confidential because God knows I don't want any lawsuits or anything of that nature, but I can assure you that everything in this blog has either happened to me or someone that was in the trenches with me. I write like I talk and I make no apologies for sounding like an uneducated valley girl at times.  It's in my brain and I wanna get it out.  Enjoy.

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